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Product name:Acrylic cork bottle stopper

Product description:

This product is our company's real production products, the material is high-end PMMA, high transparent acrylic raw materials from the production, injection, cutting, polishing, bonding, screen printing, oil injection, blow molding, our company is a manufacturer, complete equipment, welcome to the drawings and samples to customize.

Product characteristics:

Our professional team, the production is high quality products!

Welcome to customized drawings and samples, OEM processing!

Product name: acrylic cork wine stopper

Place of origin: Dongguan

Material: Food grade PMMA+ synthetic bottle stopper

Hat (mm) : 47.5 * 22.9 Φ

The plug (mm) : 19.2 * 20.6 Φ

Can you print the LOGO: Yes

Heat resistance: - 35 + 103 ℃

Standard: SGS/ROHS environmental protection

Manufacturing process: Injection molding

Product details:

1. Your company should first send the drawings, product dimensions, weight, quality, packaging requirements and other data to our company;

2. Our company will quote according to your detailed requirements and drawings;

3. If you think our price is suitable, you can ask us to make samples, or ask us to make samples to see the quality and then negotiate the price;

4. After the samples, price and delivery date have been agreed upon, we can start mass production. Before production, we will pay 30% of the deposit to our company as materials.

5. After the completion of mass production, your company can check whether the goods are OK before shipment. Before shipment, you need to pay 70% of the balance to our company;

6. After our company receives the balance payment, the goods will be delivered safely and smoothly, and this order will be considered to be completed.

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