About us

Dongguan xiehong plastic products Technology Co., Ltd., established in February 2001, has developed from a workshop type mold factory to today, with a full history of 20 years. Since its establishment, xiehong company has been adhering to the entrepreneurial concept of "people-oriented, business based on credit". In the acrylic products industry, it strives to explore, innovate independently, constantly improve process technology, respect technology and people, and wins in this industry Very good reputation, "Alec, find xiehong", has become a mantra in the industry. Now, xiehong has become a large Alec product enterprise integrating product development and design, mold precision manufacturing, precision dust-free injection molding, product assembly and processing, sales and service, and its products are sold in Europe, America, Japan and Southeast Asia.

The company has modern acrylic production equipment and perfect quality inspection system. During the 18 years of entrepreneurship, a group of excellent management teams and technical backbones have been gathered; during the 18 years of operation and management, the exquisite production technology and lean management system of acrylic industry have been precipitated.

"Xiongguan road is really like iron, but now step forward from scratch." in the future, xiehong takes stable development as the premise, strives to improve process technology, based on independent research and development and innovation, serves every customer well as its mission, and strives to become a well-known brand in the industry.

Brand core values

  • Fashion.

    It is made of high quality acrylic material, which can be as transparent as glass. Its appearance is simple and fashionable, adding a fresh and flexible atmosphere to your life.

  • Beautiful.

    It not only pays attention to the functional demands of the products, but also adheres to the humanized design concept, which makes the products beautiful and practical.

  • Environmental.

    Environmental protection is the eternal pursuit of every family for the quality of life. Xiehong continues to pursue the use of high-quality environmental protection materials and new processes, and actively advocates green lifestyle.

  • Safety.

    From the selection of food grade raw materials to the strict control of every production link, xiehong comprehensively guarantees the safety and health of acrylic household products closely related to people's daily life.

  • Taste.

    High grade acrylic material, high transparency and glossiness, rich in taste and style.

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